Modular Fixturing, A Guide to Modular Fixturing in Welding

A Guide to Modular Fixturing in Welding

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Running a welding and fabrication shop is no easy feat, no matter its size. To ensure quality at every turn, you must have the right equipment. That’s why so many shops invest in modular fixturing systems, which offer numerous benefits to you and your customers.

Modular fixturing systems are best known for their adaptability. Making a few alterations allows you to change jobs and specs rapidly. They also have much to offer when it comes to repeatability. When you replicate setups, you produce consistent, quality results every time. As a result, you can tackle jobs on an efficient timeline at a cost your customers can afford.

Rayco Fixture understands the importance of a consistent, quality output at your machine shop. That’s why we provide essential equipment, which ensures you meet and exceed the expectations of your customers. Our modular fixturing systems are particularly useful, as they allow for many functions from a single piece of equipment.

Our equipment is backed by more than 42 years of experience, and it shows. We also provide the accessories you need to make short work of even the most elaborate projects. This includes plates, kits, and more. Our dedication to customer service and quality equipment has allowed us to help numerous businesses create more efficient processes.

How Does Modular Fixturing Work?

A modular fixturing system is made up of a flat welding table with numerous machined holes, which allows for the insertion of various components at differing points on the table-top. These table-top holes allow you to set up the system in any configuration you need, which ensures optimum versatility when working with pieces of various sizes. Modular fixturing systems also provide room for clamps, which keeps pieces tightly in place while you’re working. This ensures a repeatable, consistent output so your customer’s specs are always achieved.

What Benefits Can I Look Forward To?

While good results can still be achieved when using other types of equipment, efficiency may suffer as a result. When you use modular fixturing at your fabrication shop, you can expect the following benefits:

Reduced Costs: While a modular fixturing system does require an initial investment, this equipment usually pays for itself over the course of months depending on your shop’s output. Instead of having multiple dedicated machines on-site, you’ll have one versatile, adaptable machine that helps you perform a wide variety of tasks and jobs.

Time Savings: Instead of moving to many machines during the course of work, you can remain at the modular fixturing station for the duration. This results in time savings, which can help you retain customers. When you have a reputation for completing work accurately and efficiently, people are more likely to continue working with your shop as opposed to others.

More Space: Meeting the demands of many diverse customers requires the right equipment. When you use dedicated machines, you have less space to work within your machine shop. When you use adaptable devices that can address different needs, you cut back on the number of machines you need to perform.

Consistent Results: Most importantly, modular fixturing systems ensure consistent results across the board. Customers will look to you for reliable quality, which is a must when it comes to welding and fabrication.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Modular Fixturing System?

Rayco Fixture is proud to support machine shops of all sizes with our reliable, efficient equipment. We’ve worked in numerous industries, including healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, machining, aerospace, and more. We also create customized fixtures to address the specific needs of our customers. We’re looking forward to developing more efficient and effective systems in the future to ensure businesses can perform at peak efficiency.