Fixture Plates

fixture platesAt Rayco Fixture, we offer industry-leading fixture plates to make modular fixturing a straightforward and precise process. Explore the benefits, features and common applications of the plates we offer and see how you can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing and product design departments.

Modular Convenience

Metal machining often requires temporary fixturing. This can be because of prototype work or because you’re tackling a specialty project. Typical chucks, clamps and vises can’t always give you the easy customization you need for unique applications. From a single nut to high-volume production of defense components, modular fixturing is a great option for short, precision runs.

Modular fixturing uses a specialized plates and many removable clamps, stands and magnetic components. Connecting and disconnecting these components is as easy as screwing and unscrewing them, so you can quickly change from one manufacturing process to another or make necessary alterations to a prototype.

A sturdy fixture plate is at the heart of modular fixturing. Choose a thread type and plate design that matches your machine and your project type. These plates are easy to mount and come with a wide range of additional pieces. Simply screw them onto your plate, record their location and use them to hold your workpiece. A modular fixture can be used for high-volume production or to perfect a prototype before creating a solid fixture.

Industry-Leading Quality

cmm fixture plateFor 46 years, Rayco Fixture has been leading the industry in CMM fixtures and custom plates. We guarantee quality products that offer you increased precision, easily repeatable processes and long-lasting durability.

Use our alpha-numeric system to easily track the location of fixture clamps and other accessories to hold components in place. Our precision-ground components use the highest quality of materials and work processes to ensure accurate mounting holes and repeatable designs for your product testing or custom-part manufacturing process.

A poor quality plate leaves room for production error and won’t properly handle complex components. Your CMM equipment can only produce precision components if your workpiece is held securely in place in the exact position required.

Versatile CMM Fixture Plate Options

Select the ideal plate or line of products from our extensive catalog. Thread types options for our plates include:

  • 1/4-20
  • M4
  • M6
  • M8

Select an acrylic, aluminum, steel, adjustable or round plate to achieve the optimal CMM fixturing. Our plates can be used in CMM, vertical, or vision applications to produce repeatable results that are easy to alter, adjust and refine. This allows your specialized parts to come out exactly how you want them with repeatable, refinable precision.

Common Applications

vision fixture plateOur plates are not only applicable to a variety of projects, but they are also successfully used in a range of industries. Explore the ways you can increase the efficiency of your custom production strategy in your industry with a fixture plate. Here are the industries we’re already proudly serving:

  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Heavy equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Machining

Because of the customizable nature of modular fixturing, any manufacturing or product design application that uses CMMs. Discuss your particular production needs to see how you can accelerate your setup process with a quality plate.

What Are Threaded Holes?

Every fixture plate that we manufacture is made from cast aluminum and features evenly-spaced threaded holes throughout the plate’s surface.

In threaded fixture plates, you attach components to the threaded holes, which are also sometimes referred to as through holes or blind holes. When your fixture plate is not in use, you typically insert screws into the holes for protection.
Rayco’s CMM plates feature alpha-numeric engraving along the outer perimeter of the fixture plate. This allows machine operators to easily find and document threaded hole locations on the plate, which ensures fast and repeatable setups.

What Are Mounting Holes on Fixture Plates?

Threaded grid holes on CMM fixture plates are not the same as mounting holes. At Rayco, all of our fixture plates come with threaded holes, but we can also customize your plates to include mounting holes. A CMM fixture plate with mount holes works in conjunction with angle plates to ensure precise workpiece mounting for highly repeatable and accurate setups.

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