Joining Plate

Joining plates are used to easily fit aluminum extrusion pieces together. The main benefit of using these pieces is that no additional machining of the aluminum extrusion is necessary for assembly. The lack of machining leaves the joining plate adjustable without compromising the aluminum frame.


A metal joining plate is attached to the aluminum surface with t-nuts, bolts, and the corresponding Allen wrench to connect the pieces. The connection strengthens the structure without added framing or machining. 


Joining plates can also be added to an already completed project. By using them to additionally reinforce aluminum extrusion frames, complete rebuilds are often unnecessary, ultimately saving time and money. Existing projects can be adjusted to meet new regulations or specifications for weight load limits by simply adding joining plates where required. 


Aluminum extrusions are used to build many combinations of modular framing. These structural systems are comprised of several components, including joining plates, and are referred to as TSLOTS, as the specific type of frame is T-slotted or known as a T-slot. Flat joining plates are pre-drilled and used in the connection of TSLOTS extrusions. T-joining plates are also pre-drilled flat plates but connect TSLOTS extrusions that specifically join at right-angle intersections. 

Rayco Fixture joining plates come in selections of six, eight, or 12 holes.

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