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Angle Foot


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Angle Foot

An angle foot, or structural angle, is a bar with a cross-section in an L shape, in a 90-degree angle, crafted to offer additional support for projects where two materials come together at a right angle. The 90-degree angle is able to bear weight from the side or the top, regardless of the amount of applied force. This makes a structural angle one of the most versatile and useful products for construction.Ideal for general fabrication, repairs, and structural applications, this item can have equal-sized legs (or flanges), known as equal leg angle, or different-sized flanges known as unequal leg angle. The measured size of the angle foot is usually specified based on the length and thickness of each flange.

A recommended angle fixture is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and fabricated from extruded aluminum. This alloy conducts both heat and electricity and is suitable for a variety of fabrication projects. Aluminum is known to maintain ductility in freezing temperatures, which helps the alloy to avoid becoming brittle in the cold as other metals do. The aluminum form is very versatile and easy to weld, cut and machine, with inside radius corners that allow for application in a variety of structures that call for greater strength. The angle foot is used in a large number of industrial applications, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Aircraft and automotive parts
  • Construction
  • Braces and frames
  • Machine parts
  • Racks
  • Trim
  • Support systems
  • Trailer and truck beds and bodies



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