Angle Gusset

Gussets can be used to attach aluminum extrusions at the joints of a frame without using additional machining. An angle gusset is used specifically for attaching the extrusions at angled junctures. Using angle gussets provides additional reinforcement at the most integral points of connection. The brackets are attached with screws, bolts, nuts, pins, or specialty fasteners. Kits that include both angle gussets and their specific fasteners are available.

An element unique to these gussets is the alignment tab that makes the brackets adjustable. The tab ensures that the angle gusset is adjusted to the correct location. The tab can stay in place or be removed if the application involves TSLOTS joints that are at a cross juncture. 

Multiple Designs

Angle gussets come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the exact needs of each project. Ranging from 30 to 90 degrees, each TSLOTS project can be fastened with the appropriate bracket. Almost any size gusset is available and can be created to specification. Angle coupler gussets are also available to make pieces even longer and to strengthen them at the same time. 

Rayco Fixture offers several angle gussets for purchase. Two-inch wide-angle gussets are available in both four and eight-hole options. One-inch wide-angle gussets are available in a four-hole option. 

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