There are many important components inside of a vacuum cleaner that enable the proper suction and cleaning power to do most household carpet cleaning. The first vacuum component that most everyone thinks of first is the motor and it’s a very important part. The strength of the motor is the source of the suction draw for the machine. Having a strong and durable motor is imperative for any quality household vacuum. 

Another valuable piece of vacuum component that helps the machine do its job is the brush roll. The brush roll brushes the dust and dirt pile up from the carpet fibers into the suction track and ultimately into the unit itself, either in internal bags or a plastic collection cup that can be dumped out. The brush roll is powered by the vacuum motor, but wait, aren’t the drive shafts to each component a different circumference? How can those two drive shafts work together? This leads to what is perhaps the most important of the vacuum components and that is the coupler. 

The coupler is the unit that connects two different shafts (or rods) together to enable a direct connection between the two components. This is vitally important to vacuum cleaners as the motor drive shaft and the brush roll shaft are of two different thicknesses. The coupler is installed between both shafts with openings on each end to accommodate them both. The engine shaft through this coupler, powers the brush roll mechanism in agitating and picking up dirt. 

The coupler’s importance doesn’t stop as an intermediary between those shafts as the vacuum motor produces an abundance of heat. The coupler acts as a shield to keep the heat centered on the motor side of the connection and keeps the brush roll side heat-free to keep the belts from premature wear and fraying. 

Another cool benefit of couplers is that they provide connection even if a shaft is not properly in line with the other shaft. This can make difficult engineering engine concepts a reality as the shaft can still connect to the coupler at an angle and not have any issues with vibrations or other related issues.

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