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Metrology Tables




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Metrology Tables

Metrology fixture tables are used in manufacturing facilities to fixture parts or hold a measuring arm or other measuring devices so tooling fixtures or manufactured components can be accurately measured, modified, or inspected. The portability of fixture tables is handy, allowing easier access to the CMM and the object being measured.

What Is Metrology?

Metrology is defined as “the scientific study of measurement.” In manufacturing processes, tooling fixtures, along with products, components and parts that are produced, need to conform to very specific, precise measurements.

What Is a Fixturing Table?

A metrology table, or fixturing table, is a type of worktable used in a variety of manufacturing scenarios. They are compatible with portable or handheld measuring arms, allowing the operator to move freely about the workspace or inspection area. Manufacturers primarily use fixturing tables to securely position prototypes and other components to ensure accurate inspections, measurements, and modifications to the most complex part.

A fixturing table can also be equipped with precision-ground removable plates that accommodate tight-tolerance positioning. They feature threaded hole patterns spaced on center and engraving with numbers in -X- axis & letters in -Y- axis increase repeatability with every setup. It’s simple to add tension springs, magnets, standoffs, vertical plates, resting pins, adjustable jackstands, tooling ball, and Vises to customize fixtures for specific parts during inspection.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fixture Tables?

Some plants have a designated permanent area for measuring and inspecting parts. While this setup keeps everything in one place, it can be inconvenient as well. Fixture tables allow flexibility:

  • Using a self-contained portable fixture table can allow these tasks to be performed close to the line without needing to take the objects to be measured across the facility.
  • The bottom shelf can hold supplies, components, equipment, and workpieces conveniently.
  • Fixture tables have several features to ensure precise measurements:
    • They are constructed to be very stable and able to hold significant weight.
    • The slightest movement can skew the accuracy when measuring an object, floor locks are provided to increase stability.
    • Fixture plates provide various ways to secure both your measuring equipment and the object being measured. 
      • Precision-bored threaded holes throughout the plate can be customized by the thread size and spacing between holes.
      • Mounting holes for CMM devices can be added, and correctly positioned for the specific model being used.
    • Engraved with numbers in -X- axis & letters in -Y- axis. 
  • Fixture tables are available in different sizes and accessories are available to accommodate a company’s specific needs.

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