What Makes a Precision T-Nut?

Features to look for in a high-quality t-slot nut include:

  • Machining: A precision t-nut shows no manufacturing marks.
  • Component Sourcing: Rayco Fixture manufactures t-nuts and all other fixture components in the United States.
  • Case Hardening: A quality t-nut can withstand thousands of adjustments with no accuracy degradation.
  • Backing: Rayco’s standard fixture components come with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee and no re-stocking fee.

How Do Precision T-Nuts Enhance Efficiency?

Time is money in manufacturing, and Rayco’s t-nuts and pivot nuts allow for quick adjustments and reconfigurations. Whether you’re working with a fixed CMM application or a portable measuring rig for the shop floor, your team can maintain accuracy and never break stride. If your manufacturing challenge requires a custom fastening solution, Rayco Fixture brings more than four decades of experience to the task.

With the right t-nuts in state-of-the-art modular fixture components, you can be ready to meet customer needs in the most demanding markets.

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