We believe we have something special to offer each market that we work with. Through our specialized services, you’re guaranteed to get the fixtures you need. Over the years, we have continuously made quality fixturing parts for many leading manufacturers. We recognize that as time goes on, there’s a greater demand for accuracy and customization in the fixture industry. We have the capabilities to serve many different end uses—all at up-to-date standards and techniques. 

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automotive robotic assembly line with car frames in a line

We want to show you how our solutions are integrated into the automotive production line. Our fixtures allow for complete accuracy and an increase in productivity.


Providing many years of expertise in the manufacture of specialty components. These markets require absolute efficiency and safety standards, to which we contribute both.


Components for the defense industry are of the utmost importance. Our fixtures make it easy to inspect your various components to ensure they are all up to quality.

Heavy Equipment

Completely stable fixtures can cover all of your welding and assembly requirements. Our fixtures are capable of handling even the heaviest of machinery.


We cover adequate and extremely secure fixtures of all sizes. From even the smallest of medical parts, we have the ability to adapt to all of your applications.


Our fixtures are guaranteed to reduce your setup time. Our components work together to secure your various parts needed for all machining purposes.



Making your manufacturing processes more efficient and increasing your productivity. We have the capabilities to limit downtime, saving you time and money.

And More

There is not an industry that can’t benefit from our fixtures. If you’re looking for ways to improve your manufacturing process then find out more today!

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