Vacuum Clamping Kits

A clamp is a useful device that holds workpieces tightly in place for safety or precision purposes. There are many projects that require pieces to be clamped together with a tight connection to ensure that bonding work can be successfully completed, and mechanical clamps are often insufficient for the task. Vacuum clamping technology is universal, reliable and efficient for this process, allowing easy and quick clamping of components that are otherwise difficult to mechanically clamp without any distortion.

For parts that have smooth and flat bottom surfaces within tight tolerances, vacuum clamping is an ideal solution. The bigger the available flat surface, the greater the force the vacuum can create. With wider surfaces, the bonding process is less sensitive to variations in flatness, which is a common cause of vacuum leakage. Vacuum clamping allows for simple tooling, and easy replacement of the finished parts: A simple shut-off of the vacuum releases the completed piece, and turning it back on easily attaches the next set of unbonded parts. A vacuum clamping kit allows for customization of the clamp system to fit the specific needs of the workpieces.

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