Grid Plate

Grid plates are one of the most important parts when it comes to workholding. They help make sure that you can effectively use drilling and milling setups that are numerically controlled by a computer. You will know the precise location of any hole in the grid plate and the dimensions of any locating blocks or dowels that are part of the work-holding arrangement.

You can find grid plates and other similar products from Rayco in a variety of sizes. One advantage of aluminum is that it is both lightweight and quite durable at the same time. One example of great grid plates from Rayco is an eight-ounce plate made from aluminum. It has dimensions of 90 millimeters by 165 millimeters by 13 millimeters and includes M8 threaded holes, as well.

A grid plate is certainly a piece that will prove useful in your workholding projects. Another thing that you should know about grid plates, in general, is the fact that it lets you locate your workpiece simply, quickly, and accurately. This is one of the main benefits of a grid plate in general. It is also worth noting that you don’t need to utilize edge finders or dial indicators to set a grid plate, making it much easier to use.

You can also use grid plates for a number of different purposes, as well. You can use it to provide additional support as a bracket so it can attach to something or it can serve as a trim panel so you can get the exact look for your build that you want. You can also easily find a grid plate that is compatible with your specific build system. One last thing to note about a grid plate is that it tends to enjoy quite a long service life. It is unlikely that you will have to frequently replace an aluminum grid plate.

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