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Aerospace Fixtures

Aerospace fixtures are time-saving workholding solutions that make it easier to produce, assemble, and inspect aircraft parts. But, not all fixtures are made the same. Our team at Rayco can provide you with custom-made solutions that will help you meet even the most strict requirements.

For over 40 years, we’ve been recognized as an industry-leading manufacturer of modular defense and aerospace fixtures. From assembly to modular, we can design and build all types of aerospace fixtures for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).
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Assembly Fixtures

Assembly fixtures are critical tools that are used throughout manufacturing processes to improve repeatability and accuracy. In the aerospace and defense industry, there are a wide array of assembly fixtures available. The design will vary based on the application. Some of the different configurations are designed for grinding, welding, boring, indexing, and more.

Modular Fixtures

Modular fixtures are ideal for situations where fixture changes are needed for different component configurations. Modular fixtures typically include multiple sets of plates with magnetic components, stands, and clamps. This allows for quick assembly for setups and rapid breakdowns for new parts.

Some of the benefits of modular fixtures include:
  • Customization: A modular fixture can be customized based on the industry, application, and other manufacturer requirements.
  • Quick Change Outs: You can reduce turnaround time with a modular fixture; instead of switching out fixture components, you can fasten multiple components to your fixture.
  • Lightweight: Most modular fixtures are made from aluminum, which is not only durable but also lightweight, making it easy to handle.
Modular fixture kit with each component laid out

Rayco’s Expertise & Available Products

Our team at Rayco is well-versed in the time-critical requirements and safety standards within the aerospace industry. This is why many of our customers consider us their first and only choice for all their aerospace fixture needs. Because we’re experienced, we’re able to make durable fixtures that ensure repeatability throughout the manufacturing process, from assembly to quality assurance.

Our complete line of aerospace fixtures can be used to hold semi-finished and finished parts in place during any optical or laser scanning inspection process. This helps to reduce defects, improve quality, and ensure compliance.

Importance of Quality Assurance

The aerospace and defense markets are known for their rigorous standards. Being a key player in that supply chain means committing to those standards. This means having the tools, knowledge, and expertise to produce high-quality, high-precision components

We understand how important it is to be a partner within this supply chain. It’s a commitment to excellence that we take very seriously. That’s why our fixtures are designed to reduce the impact of defects and human error, and to ensure that your QA process runs as smoothly as possible.

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