Automotive Fixtures

Automotive fixtures are multi-use tools that automotive manufacturers simply cannot do without. Their primary purpose is to safely and securely hold material blocks in place at ideal angles, which improves measurement accuracy and performance; they can also help throughout the product design phase or act as a Poka-Yoke by reducing human errors during the inspection process.

When it comes to automotive CMM fixtures, Rayco is proud to be considered one of the leading manufacturers in the United States. All of our modular automotive fixtures are customized with your specific application in mind.

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Modular fixture set, R8-MCK-C, on a white background

Modular Fixtures

Modular fixtures are versatile workholding systems that feature multiple sets of plates, each with rows of threaded holes. Each plate is designed to simplify how operators, technicians, and engineers attach, secure, or detach accessories.

The biggest advantage of modular fixtures is their flexibility. These fixtures can be used in just about any work environment, are portable, and are always custom-designed based on specific applications. Instead of buying multiple fixture plates for each application, a modular fixture allows you to easily swap out accessories when measuring and inspecting different parts, which reduces downtime.

Modular fixtures are a must for any automotive manufacturer, as they help to increase measurement repeatability.

Rayco’s Automotive Expertise & Products

Rayco has developed an unsurpassed reputation for reliability and performance with multiple automotive manufacturers. We understand that minimizing waste, simplifying work tasks, and ensuring repeatability of parts and processes go a long way to securing your bottom line. We also understand the time-critical requirements within the auto industry, and that waste and downtime are measured in seconds—not minutes, hours, or days.

We maintain a healthy inventory of automotive assembly fixtures, components, and other support products that can be shipped at a moment’s notice.

We combine these standard accessories with our expansive line of standoffs. These critical separators help maintain dimensional tolerances of adjacent parts by ensuring that proper gaps are maintained. They can also be used to ensure adequate airflow between components or within CMM machines and quality control departments.

Modular fixture set, R8-MCK-C, on a white background
White car frames on an assembly line

There are very few industries with the same level of standards and time-critical requirements as the automotive industry. The smallest out-of-tolerance or misaligned part can cause irreparable damage to an entire integrated assembly. Every aspect of the machining process must be precise, repeatable, and exacting.

Just like our clients, our team at Rayco is also focused on quality and precision. We have implemented a fully-integrated quality control process that involves testing, validating, and inspecting our custom-made automotive fixtures. Our top priority is delivering high-quality products that help you make your processes more reliable, repeatable, and accurate.