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Quality Custom Fixtures

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Are your fixture plates holding your manufacturing process back? Whether you’re looking for high-speed parts production or precision custom orders, work with Rayco to enjoy custom fixturing that fits your industry and your promise to your customers.

Explore your fixturing options and the benefits of working with Rayco Fixture. When it comes to reliable ways to improve the efficiency of your company, our team has the resources you need.

Custom Fixture Features

A custom fixture plate takes our dependable modular system and tailors it to your specific needs. You can customize virtually any feature of these plates to make them fit your machining centers. Here are just a few specifications we can work with you to adjust for your process:

  • Location and size of holes
  • Dimensions of fixture plate
  • Thickness and material type
  • Locating components
  • Clamps and holding tools

Discuss each of these features with a team of engineers at Rayco. We’ll help you create a unique modular plate to handle diverse projects. You can also order a custom fixture plate with permanent workholding components.

A plate dedicated to a common manufacturing process makes it convenient to add, machine and remove work pieces.

Our modular fixture plates are capable of an impressive range of options, but even these flexible workholders aren’t always suited to your application. In that case, it’s time to work with an expert engineer to create a custom solution.

Industries We Serve

Any industrial manufacturing process that uses machining centers to create custom components can enjoy a custom fixture plate. Be sure you work with a workholding team that understands your specific industry needs. Here are the industries we commonly work with:

  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Heavy equipment
  • Machining
  • Medical/healthcare
  • Manufacturing

A million-part automotive manufacturing request requires multiple CNC machines dedicated to the project. If your existing fixturing and machining center setup isn’t capable of keeping up with a large automotive order, work with us to create a custom fixturing to accelerate the process.

Defense, aerospace, medical and other industries require cutting-edge precision for every component. The slightest offset or imperfection can ruin a work piece, so work with our engineering team to ensure a firm hold and an accurate machining process.

From a single plate to a full line of fixture plates for your entire production line, we can handle your order. Working with a leader in the industry allows you to enjoy great turnaround times on your custom order. Receive the fixture plates you need in time to hit your own manufacturing goals and deadlines.

Don’t see your industry? Chances are, we’ve worked with your industry, too. Ask about any relevant experience related to your manufacturing process to see how we’ve helped companies in similar situations create similar results.

Our plates can be tailored to a wide range of CNC machines and machining centers, so be sure you use the right fixturing option for optimal performance.

Advantages of Rayco Custom Fixtures

Our team at Rayco has been producing quality fixturing components for over 40 years. We offer the same commitment to quality parts, affordable prices and reliable turnaround times that you’re proud to offer your customers.

Discuss your manufacturing goals with our team to find out what you can do to improve the speed, convenience and quality of your manufacturing process.

We create portable, precision fixturing solutions for your industry. From the smallest automotive gear to heavy equipment manufacturing, we have the custom solutions you need.

At Rayco, we’re proud to create plates and fixturing solutions in the USA. Don’t settle for subpar parts or generic plates, but create a custom workholding solution for your custom components.