Vision Clamping Kit, RA4-VK-C

Vision Clamping Kits

Categories: Modular Fixturing

Update your fixturing setup with a vision clamping kit from Rayco Fixture. Our vision clamping kits offer systematic manufacturing solutions and convenient views to improve your process. Explore the common uses and benefits of vision clamping and discuss your clamping set up with our team to find ways to keep your business moving forward.

Why Use a Vision Clamping Kit

Vision clamping uses similar features as our standard interchangeable fixture kit, but also comes with a few unique benefits. A standard clamping kit is used in place of a generic jig or custom fixture plate. The interchangeable design of a  standard fixture plate is improved upon with a clear acrylic base. Here are a few key reasons to use a vision clamping kit for your industrial manufacturing process.

Interchangeable Fixturing

A clamping kit offers an interchangeable fixture setup for your manufacturing process. At Rayco Fixture, we use the same precision holes to create a grid for any of your fixturing components. Similar to a jig, these components offer a great way to secure your workpieces as you create custom parts or prototypes. You may be able to use a clear fixture plate with a custom holder, but this won’t offer you the same level of customization and convenience.

Secure Workpieces

A secure workpiece ensures repeatable performance. Just like our standard kit, you can enjoy magnetic components, threaded holders, vacuum parts and other accessories that are compatible with a multi-hole base. Standard jigs don’t offer the level of precision holding that you can enjoy with our fixture plates and accessories. Don’t just create a custom holder for your component, but use the same dependable materials to continue to tailor your fixture plate to your particular application.

Benefits of Vision Clamping Kits

A vision clamping kit adds a unique element to standard fixture plates and accessories. Instead of durable steel, aluminum, or other alloys, the base of a vision kit is made of transparent acrylic. This allows light to shine through and illuminate your workpiece from beneath. This offers a number of distinct advantages, including improved accuracy, reproducibility, and an efficient setup.

Improved Accuracy

Prototypes and other custom components need to be carefully analyzed before they’re repeated. At Rayco Fixture, we use plates that don’t just hold your products but improve your entire production facility. A clear base allows you to clearly see backlit items from the top and bottom. Perform inspections and visual tests while the product is still secured on your fixture plate.

Increased Reproducibility

An accurate product leads the way to a repeatable process. A clear fixture clamping kit can promote reproducible results in your facility, which is crucial for maintaining industry-leading quality control standards. Take pride in your work and create products that you can easily recreate with a standardized fixture plate.

Efficient Setup

Not satisfied with the initial setup of your clear fixture plate? Instead of sending a custom fixture holder back to the manufacturer, you can simply adjust your interchangeable setup. Our vision clamping kit gives you multiple holders, guides and other features to prop up and firmly secure your workpiece as it’s being processed and inspected. Design the optimal setup for your part to make it easy to continue to process workpieces in an efficient way.

A numbered and lettered grid creates a repeatable setup. Once you arrive at the ideal workpiece holder, document the location of each component to recreate it on other interchangeable setups. This reduces changeover time if you use the same plate for multiple custom components. It’s also a helpful way to mass-produce components using several vision clamping kits for the same process.