Fixture Clamps

fixture clampsLearn more about Rayco’s broad range of machining fixture clamps and how we can provide you with the solution you need. Whether you’re preparing for a short-run of defense components or designing a prototype for the automotive industry, we have the products you need to prepare your workpieces.

Secure Clamps

Most manufacturers resort to permanent fixturing for many of their machining products. A permanent fixture is costly and time-consuming to design. If you’re working on a specialized workpiece in a limited run, you may not be able to justify the time and resources necessary to create a permanent fixture.

At Rayco Fixture, our customizable clamps provide the precision you need with quick-change convenience. Select the ideal fixture plate size, material and thread type for your machining process. Next, choose the types of fixture clamps necessary to hold your short-run workpiece or prototype.

Clamping Fixture Applications

Modular fixturing is a competitive option for many applications. Prototypes often require refining and slight adjustments before they are ready for mass production.

Our modular products work well in a range of industries. Industrial manufacturing, automotive design and heavy equipment repair are just a few areas where our customers are successfully using our clamping fixtures.

Common Types of Fixture Clamps

Fixture clamps are available in these basic types. Choose either a complete kit or a specific clamp accessory to fill out your existing kit and provide the workholding precision you need. Here are some basic kits to choose from as you get started in modular fixturing:

clamping fixture
  • Magnetic clamping kit
  • Vacuum clamping kit
  • Vision fixture kit

Individual accessories include vises, tension springs, hold-down clamps and three-jaw chucks. These are available with short and long posts to better accommodate three-dimensional workpieces. If you don’t see a complete kit or a particular clamp that fits your process, discuss your needs with our team. We’re happy to work with you to find a kit or product that offers you the fixturing solution you need.

Dynamic Thread Sizes

All of our fixture clamps are available for our dependable fixture plates. We use 1/4-20, M4, M6 and M8 thread types for all of our clamps and plates. These precision thread types allow you to change out any clamp, spring or vise and easily order additional accessories that match your plate.

Our plates use an alpha-numeric organizational pattern for a grid of your holes. Every hole is made at your chosen thread size. This not only allows you to screw on clamps wherever they are needed but also to easily catalog this particular workholding pattern for your next production process. Repeatable precision is at the heart of everything we do.

Machining Fixture Clamps

Discuss your fixturing needs with our team at Rayco to see how we can update your current manufacturing process with custom solutions. Contact us today to find out more about our variety of machining fixture clamp options.