What Is Modular Fixturing?

Benefits of Using Quality Custom Fixture Products

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Fixture plates and accessories are essential for securing workpieces in a manufacturing project. Whether you’re creating a new line for a mass-produced part or creating a single prototype, you have a few fixturing choices to make. Explore the benefits of using custom fixtures vs. modular fixtures and see how Rayco Fixture can work with you to design a custom piece to handle your new manufacturing line or daily operation.

Common Uses

Fixture plates are used in a wide range of industries. Working with a CNC machine can create precision components, but only if you have a custom fixture plate to properly secure your workpiece. Fixturing is used in a wide range of industries for precision performance:

These are just the primary industries that use convenient fixturing technology. If you use a CNC machine or other machine that requires workpieces to be held still at precise angles, a custom plate may help you improve the accuracy of your manufacturing process.

Machining mass-produced components require a plate that can be easily loaded and reloaded. Some plates allow you to set up multiple workpieces at the same time, reducing the amount of time necessary to remove and replace finished products. Be sure to match your plate with your CNC machine to receive the largest capable work area.

Creating a prototype requires the same level of precision as a finished product. Before you can test out a product it needs to be manufactured at the highest levels of performance, so turn to a custom fixture plate before making any necessary alterations.

Custom Fixtures vs. Modular Fixtures

Custom fixtures are made by our engineering staff to fit your particular industry, manufacturing process and materials. Clamps, holders and other features are custom-made to ensure maximum reliability with quick-change features to reduce the product change time.

Modular fixtures, however, use adjustable components. These fixture plates can be used to make any number of products, simply remove and adjust vacuum clamps, springs and other accessories before starting your project. A modular fixture is convenient when you need to make slight adjustments, but setting up your own modular plate can be time-consuming. Unless you only plan on making a single run of this custom order, it may be more efficient to order a custom fixture.

These two options can both be used for daily manufacturing, custom orders and new product development. While a modular system may be more cost-effective for a prototype or one-time custom orders, a custom fixture system is a great option for your daily manufacturing or a large part number custom order. Compare the two for each of your CNC machines and other machining uses to see if a combination of the two can help you keep your facility moving forward.

Benefits of Custom Fixturing

It all starts with a consultation. Work with expert designers to start a fixture design that fits your industry, your company and your equipment. Once you arrive at an ideal design, our manufacturing team at Rayco Fixture uses cutting-edge machining technology to create a fixture to match your needs. This avoids the time-consuming process of designing your own fixture plate and assembling it on a modular plate for each machining process.

From a small, mobile machine to your main production line, upgrade your fixturing with custom precision and industry-leading quality. Don’t spend hours refitting a modular plate or struggling with generic jigs and plates, but create an efficient tool for your company. Ask about angled plates, various alloys available and other features to keep your process at the forefront of your industry.