M8 Threaded Vacuum Clamping Kit B with Total Component Count: 139


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Vacuum Component Kit with M8 Thread

Total Component Count 139

(4) R8-STS-25 Small Tension Spring (25mm Post)

(8) R8-LTS-75 Large Tension Spring (75mm Post)

(2) R8-19-JS 19mm Dia. Small Jackstand

(2) R8-25-JS 25mm Dia. Large Jackstand

(3) R8-SLD M8 Slide Base

(4) R8-NC Nylon Cone

(4) R8-SC Steel Cone

(2) R8-LB Locating Block w/base

(3) R8-10-SC 10mm Suction Cup

(4) R8-20-SC 20mm Suction Cup

(2) R8-30-SC 30mm Suction Cup

(1) R8-50-SC 50mm Suction Cup

(2) R8-20-EXSC 20mm Exposed Suction Cup

(1) R-X10L-VP- Vacuum pump assembly

(1) R-9P-M 9 port manifold

(20) R-12-VH Vacuum hose 12″ length

(11) R-PMC2302 Elbow connectors

(1) R-PMCD2202 Straight hose barb connector

(6) R8-1320-SO 13mm Dia. x 20mm Standoff

(6) R8-1325-SO 13mm Dia. x 25mm Standoff

(6) R8-1350-SO 13mm Dia. x 50mm Standoff

(3) R8-1915-SO 19mm Dia. x 15mm Standoff

(6) R8-1920-SO 19mm Dia. x 20mm Standoff

(6) R8-1925-SO 19mm Dia. x 25mm Standoff

(6) R8-1950-SO 19mm Dia. x 50mm Standoff

(2) R8-1975-SO 19mm Dia. x 75mm Standoff

(6) R8-2520-SO 25mm Dia. x 20mm Standoff

(6) R8-2525-SO 25mm Dia. x 25mm Standoff

(6) R8-2550-SO 25mm Dia. x 50mm Standoff

(3) R8-25100-SO 25mm Dia. x 100mm Standoff

(1) R8-SCT M8 Small Component Tray

(1) R-VCT Vacuum Component Tray

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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in


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