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Benefits of Using Quality Custom Fixture Products

Custom fixtures are a great option for many industries. If you’re considering upgrading your current manufacturing design, explore the various custom fixtures industries and the benefits of choosing plates and accessories from Rayco Fixture. Explore the common industries we serve to see how our fixture products can improve your production line or help you launch a successful startup.


It’s all about safety when you’re creating components for the aerospace industry. Any component created for this industry needs to be precise enough to ensure safety with flight after flight. Many aerospace components are made out of unique materials and innovative alloys, so you may need a new type of fixture plate to carefully secure your component. Once you create a custom fixture for a component, you can ensure repeatable accuracy for the part after part.

Energy and Electronics

Renewable energy and computer technologies are changing every day. Staying ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and manufacturing efficiency can be difficult without a quality fixture plate. Because many of your components may be new designs, it can be difficult to find a premade plate to handle your needs. Work with Rayco Fixture to create a custom plate in time for your first prototype electronic or energy component.


You need a fixture plate that’s ready for thousands of workpieces. Many automotive components need to be created in bulk. A custom plate gives you the opportunity to create a quick-change plate that doesn’t compromise the precision of your components. Use calibration technology to ensure every component meets your accuracy requirements. From bearings to pistons, every component needs to be affordable and durable enough for years of performance. Demanding situations require excellent machining standards, so keep your drills sharp and your workpieces firmly secured for dependable automotive parts.


Creating components for the defense industry not only requires precision but often machining durable materials to classified specifications. It’s essential to work with a custom fixture plate manufacturer who understands the necessary safety precautions for defense contracts. We deliver fixture plates on rapid deadlines to ensure your parts are delivered on time.

Heavy Equipment

Intense manufacturing processes take their toll on machines, so heavy equipment component manufacturers need to build parts that last. Work with Rayco Fixture to find the ideal solution for large components made with durable alloys. These tough projects require a custom fixture to keep them in line as you calibrate, drill and inspect your products.

Medical and Research

In an industry known for highly precise, widely variable components, your company needs reliable fixture plates. Create cutting-edge medical parts that adhere to strict guidelines with confidence. We’re committed to helping you increase your medical and research manufacturing abilities with fixturing solutions for every situation.

The research industry is necessarily about new advancements in related fields. Whether you’re creating precision tools to test and measure new products or researching new product designs yourself, modular and custom fixturing solutions can ensure a repeatable, precise project.

Precision Manufacturing

Machine components for any industry with a reliable fixture plate from Rayco Fixture. Be sure to work with a company that is familiar with your industry-specific needs. Without a reliable team to help you design and implement the correct fixtures, you may spend additional time, energy and resources on your new manufacturing process.

These Custom fixture services are available to improve your primary manufacturing lines, your custom ordering, and research and design elements. Create a prototype and make any necessary modifications with a modular fixture plate. For a routine component that has irregular dimensions or unique machining requirements, a custom fixture plate is a popular solution.

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