What Are Assembly Fixtures?

Categories: Modular Fixturing

Assembly fixtures are devices that speed up the production of identical parts. A quality assembly fixture is an integral part of optimizing your machining process. Fixtures must be arranged and set before assembly based on the particular operating tools that will be used. Once set, the right fixtures increase your overall production speed and quality.

At Rayco Fixture, we understand each clients’ needs are unique. Therefore, we provide a broad range of assembly devices to best provide the exact solutions you need for every manufacturing situation, whether you are creating a short run of specific parts or manufacturing a prototype.

What Are Assembly Fixtures Used For?

Assembly fixtures hold multiple components together in precise alignments as they are being assembled. Sometimes these fixture devices are set at automatically derived intervals around objects, and at other times they are manually adjusted. These specialized clamps reduce the human effort needed to manufacture multiple parts that are the same.

It is streamlining production benefits all aspects of your business. We know that efficiency is a precursor to desired outcomes, so we provide multiple assembly fixture systems.

Common Types of Assembly Fixtures

There are many types of assembly fixtures made for a variety of needs. Available fixtures range from specialized models for turning, indexing, tapping and boring to parts for grinding, milling, and welding. Each works differently based on specific manufacturing processes or tasks.

We offer entire kits or individual components to broaden the scope of your existing collection of assembly parts. We focus on providing three of the most common types of fixture sets:

  • Vision fixture kit
  • Magnetic clamping kit
  • Vacuum clamping kit

The individual parts we offer include:

There are also duplex fixtures for simultaneous machining and assembly processes. We offer a choice of sizes so you can best fit your specific workplace and needs. We are also happy to answer questions and discuss your particular needs with you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask us. With 43 years in the industry, we can help.

Assembly Fixture Applications

Quality assembly fixtures have numerous applications in the manufacturing process, including:

  • Holding pieces steady so precise internal threads can be cut
  • Keeping boring tools stable or holding the workplace still for exact results from boring bars during the tedious process
  • Keeping odd-shaped objects still during machining

Many industries depend on precise assembly fixtures, including the automotive sector, industrial manufacturing, and heavy equipment repair.

In addition to increasing overall production efficiency, the correct assembly fixtures lower costs by reducing production delays since you can quickly manufacture parts when you need them. Another way assembly fixtures add value to your company is fixtures increase the ergonomics of your tools and equipment. You can create and produce individualized designs that reduce weight, which also leads to streamlined production processes.

Why Choose Rayco Fixture?

As an industry leader, we at Rayco Fixture know how to think ahead and see the big picture without missing any details. Our assembly fixtures are adaptable to many applications in various sectors, and we help you take your processes to the next level of quality.

Our components are manufactured with precision in the United States, from beginning to end. We also offer an unheard-of 30-day return policy on all standard fixture parts. Our quality components are proven to yield surprisingly positive results, including improved Gage R&R readings. You can count on our parts to deliver repeatable results on-demand, when you need them. They are made to last for years so that you can count on them time after time.